Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where have you done it?(Part 2)

Let's now continue the "where you did it saga"...

3. Underwater. It was actually a bit difficult at the start because we were both standing plus the the shorts we're wearing are big obstacles. I was also hesitant at first because I was afraid the saltwater could carry bacteria inside my vulva. I can't imagine myself having a vaginal infection just because of the stupid notion of having sex underwater. But to make the long story short we successfully did it. Honestly, I didn't have an orgasm because I was very occupied of being caught having sex in the middle of the sea. *laughs*

4. Bathroom. Well, this is a very familiar scene. You have seen it already in movies and magazines. The only difference is that we did it while I have my menstrual period. We purposely did it in the bathroom so that we won't be bothered cleaning the mess after our intercourse. I'm actually hornier when I'm having my monthly flow. *grins*

5. Siblings' Room. Because our libidos are too high and we lost respect of everything around us when we're in the mood...You can picture out the rest. We actually knew that his sisters were just pretending to be asleep. *wicked grin*

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