Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Men are perverts by nature

Many would definitely agree with the statement above because we absolutely have lots of instances that showed that the ultimate weakness of the male specie is their uncontrollable libidos. They are the ones who are charged the most when it comes to rape cases. Men absolutely ranked first in that category. There are lots of men who are more addicted to pornography compared to women.

They are more aggressive when it comes to sex because their raging hormones always dominate the rationality of their small brains. They start drooling in the mere sight of a butt cleavage, and their world would turn upside down when their privates are being trespassed. And believe it or not, the mere thought of a naked woman in front of them can give them hours of arousal that they should make use of their hands to reciprocate the stimulation.

Men, may be percieved as the specie who are stronger than women, but they are like helpless dorks and wanton dogs when their high level testosterones grip the sanity out of their bloody balls. Hahahaha!


  1. Men are perverts by nature.

    That's why girls love them a lot.

  2. and women? master of seduction

  3. I think it is pretty discriminating to men... =)

    It should be : "Human, male and female, by nature are perverts."

  4. i think the author really didn't mean to be MEAN...i view this entry as a semi-sarcastic post from a very humorous point of view

  5. women does too! hahhaa


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