Monday, January 12, 2009

The Savant Moaners

A group of individuals who is creepily lurking in the shadow of anonymity they called the internet. They are not online criminals nor system hackers, but they will surely cause havoc in your system of thoughts as they will dissect the most titillating spots about sex, pornography, incest, STDs...everything sex related.

No inhibitions, no second thoughts, no non-sense...just pure and mature discussion of things that are mostly considered taboo by the common folks. Curious lurkers are welcome to comment, and nasty suggestions will always be considered. LoL!

Latest Update: To add more vibrancy on this dark messy alley, and because we got new talented contributors, we decided to add an Erotic Poetry corner. Hope you'll like it. Most poems will be written in Cebuano and a few in English.

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