Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Handie Work...

I was in grade school back then. All play and no study cycle kind of life, luckily I still passed. I had a buddy her name is Lyra and I considered her my best friend. We sit side by side during class, eat together during breaks and basically doing all things together.

I know her as much as she knows me. We even shared a shower together, nastily pinching each other's private parts with no malice and we just laugh as we do it.

One noisy afternoon at school, I was scribbling some notes when I noticed her uncomfortably sitting by my side. I then give her quick glances from time to time. She was like shivering or something. I thought she was ill. So I nudged her, "Are you okay? Feeling bad?", and she just look back at me biting her lips gave out a big, deep exasperating sigh, then said "I am okay" with a wide smile this time.

That never happened once. Sometimes she will be playing something on the pocket of her skirt, not moving but seems like concentrating on something. She closes her eyes and constantly bites her lips. She keeps on pressing her two legs together, putting one leg over the other. She didn't even notice I was staring at her. She sat suddenly so still and again let go of that same sigh I once heard the last day, with eyes closed. When she opened her eyes, she caught me looking at her with my mouth open. She laughed so hard while I was shaking my head wrinkling my nose. I was already dead curious on what is she doing but because I was so busy with my brick game, I then let go of my curiosity. Hell to it..

We were at her room that sunday afternoon doing some assignments together. When we are almost done, Lyra popped her head over my notebook and said, "I know something, you still don't". I then looked at her and asked, "Really, so when did you start keeping secrets from me?"

Lyra drag me to bed and reached for her hair brush and started to brush her hair and faced me saying. "This time, I discovered something I know you are not yet aware but dont worry, I will share it with you because you are my buddy".

"Of course you should, now tell me. I cant wait" I replied.

She then slide herself over the bed and spread her legs, she is wearing a tshirt and a knee-length shorts. She ran the hair brush from her hair down her small boobs to her tummy, until it reached her little something and it stopped there. She slow and continuously brush it. She is closing her eyes now. Her legs are moving slowly but hastily as well. Opening and closing her legs together. The face I am looking at is the same face I stared at back at the classroom. She is biting her lower lip and she seem like quivering. This time she reversed the hair brush, instead of the tooth being rubbed to the little thing, it is the grip or the handle now. She is like pushing the stick to her little thing. OMG, doesn't that hurt? But her face doesn't seem to be hurt at all. She was grabbing the pillows with the other hand as if asking for help. Is my friends possessed? While I was there sitting so scared on what is happening to her, she let go a little growl curling up her legs and hugging her tummy. I then reached for her face, so warm and asked her, "Are you okay?" and she replied "Terrific!"

To be cont'd... wet already? damn..brb


  1. hahaha...i know that...seems like it's just a very natural thing for her to do that...i mean to think you're still in grade school? 10 years old?

    Freud is definitely right when he said that sexual activities could start as early as during childhood.

  2. The continuation part will involve the two of you? Lol!

  3. noooo.. keep posted, this will be very exciting..


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