Friday, June 5, 2009

Love Art

Though my eyes are close
but I see you
my hand are carving
around your chiseled chest.
My nails are digging
your flesh to draw a line
between us, a harmony
singing our lullabies.

The contour of your hips
pressing my curves
and the arms reaching
my twin Andes,
with your fingers stroking
the oasis hidden beneath my steppes
your savagery claiming
every inch of me.

How sweet is the vengeance my dear
a quench to our thirst pallet.
And you see, a river burst
in the middle of my desert.

Fount of joy.
Spring of pleasure.
Lips savor lips.

Heart sought heart,
until our shadows webbed
in this shared art called - love.


  1. hehehe...nahan au ko ani gen...first time kabasa ko'g english poem nga imong gisuwat...hehehe

  2. enk u empress...karun rako ka diskobre, naa pay una nahabilin..abi nakog nahubsan nako sa sige "kagul-an"...

  3. hahahaha...amew...inum lang gud pirmi ug fresh milk aron dili mahubsan...nyehehehehe

  4. WOW IMPRESSIVE!! saludo nako nimo :)

  5. kaila ko at 31...hahahahaha


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